Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, also known as the Gem Island, the home of what has been described as the best source of sapphires, amethysts, topaz’s and other gemstones in the world.

Coloured gemstones are at the height of Johns passion in the industry, seen in his extensive collection in his boutiques. For our latest adventure, Titcombe's are off to Sri Lanka to explore the gem industry, mines and trading markets in this exquisite part of the world. Follow our journey here...

Follow the journey with us...

Rough sapphires awating our arrival in Sri Lanka

Pic 1: A selection of rough sapphires awaiting us to take a look....

Have you been searching for the perfect gemstone?

If you would like to take this unique opportunity to purchase a specific gemstone and follow the journey from mine to fine jewellery, we can handpick the gemstone for you on this expedition to meet your exact criteria. Call us on 0117 9733178 to speak to Mark and discuss further.

We would love for you to accompany us on our adventure to Sri Lanka through our website where we will be sharing daily updates of what the team are buying and experiencing in one of the greatest gem sources in the world.

We will be meeting expertise in each area of the industry and tracing the journey from mine to market.

Building new relationships with the worlds finest gemstone suppliers.

John's new office

Pic 2: Our new office!

The geological state of the island provides gemstone paradise and allows the gems to be deposited and concentrated within the gravel therefore the majority of the active deposits are alluvial. We will be visiting a selection of these secondary deposits during our trip and will keep you updated with pictures and stories of the journey!

The cutting and polishing companies analyse the rough gemstones and strategically decide upon the cut of the stone. Here they rely on decades of experience to determine how to achieve the best yield and lustre of each rough sapphire. A true talent and art.

A symphony of emotions captured in your hand picked gemstone.



The Jasmine by John Titcombe Fine Jewellery

Pic 3: The finished Jasmine

Our diamonds & other gemstones...

With time, John Titcombe developed strong relationships with the world’s finest diamond traders, in Antwerp, Belgium. This enables him to commission pieces using his handpicked collection of finest diamonds and other admirable gemstones, which he has sourced whilst travelling to the world’s largest trade exhibitions.

We are confident that our gemstones truly are of the finest quality - If there is a specific gemstone you would like in your piece, please enquire with a member of our team to find out more. We are also happy to remodel your sentimental gemstones and diamonds dependent on the cut and condition.

View the Jasmine

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