Signet Rings

Traditionally, signet rings were engraved with the family crest, initials or other identifying tags which would be used as a seal on sensitive, legal documents or to ensure mail had not been tampered with.

Nowadays, signet rings are primarily worn as fashion

statements or given as coming of age gifts.

Signet rings available from £199.00.

Ladies Cushion

Ladies cushion signet rings available from Titcombe bespoke jewellery

Titcombe's collection of ladies cushion signet rings. This means the head of the signet ring is 'cushion' shape. View »

Ladies Oval

Ladies oval signet rings available from Titcombe Bespoke Jewellery

Titcombe's collection of ladies signet rings with an oval head. View »

Gents Cushion

Gents Cushion Signet Rings

Titcombe’s adaption of the classic oxford cushion signet ring. View »

Gents Oval

Gents Oval Signet Rings

Titcombe’s collection of gents oval signet rings. View »

Engraving Information

Engraving Informationy

Here at Titcombe’s we are privileged enough to work with one of the top hand engravers in the country. His skill is truly at an exceptional level. View »

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